Clarification on The Tempe Drive Property and Specific Goals of TBL-M for that action

As the press and public debated the Take Back the Land – Madison occupation of 7201 Tempe Drive and TBL-M’s intentions with this action there was a lot of misinformation.  The following Capital Times article captured the facts and intent well.  Here is an excerpt from the article clarifying some key matters.

The property at 7201-03 Tempe Drive in Madison was foreclosed on early this year and is up for auction next Tuesday at a Dane County Sheriff’s Office sale of foreclosed properties. It is now in the hands of a Bank of America subsidiary, and activists want the bank to turn it over to Madison Area Community Land Trust.

Michael Carlson of the land trust says if local activists can convince the bank to donate the home, he’ll find the resources to turn it into affordable housing. Occupying the property is “a brave move,” he says. “They’re compelling the citizens of Dane County to confront the very real contradictions in the way we provide housing — massive surpluses in the market that led to a collapse in credit and simultaneously, people without shelter and permanent affordable housing.”         >>more

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