Thoughtful letter about Take Back the Land by Madison Police Captain

The following is the final two paragraphs of a letter Madison Police Captain Joe Balles wrote to conservative blogger Dave Blaska who is fit to be tied about the Take Back the Land actions and the police response. See the entire letter, a couple of other police responses and Daves comments  at  “Say it Ain’t So, Captain Joe.” on the Isthmus Daily Page.


In the long run, Dave, we need take our local, vacant property back from the Federal government and the Bank of America’s, Citi Group’s, the Wells Fargo’s, etc. Our financial institutions here in Madison need be underwriting local property investments. Our community banks and credit unions need to make mortgages and loans to local folks. Our local realtors need to move these vacant properties, our local skilled trade industries need to be contracted with to get many of these properties fixed up and restored, and in the end we will have these vacant properties owned and occupied by responsible people who want to contribute to and invest in their neighborhood.

If a few protestors on a Monday afternoon caused us to think a little more comprehensively about a growing problem (vacant properties), so be it. I know one thing. If we can get many of the vacant single family homes and rental properties restored, fixed up and occupied by responsible families and tenants, our neighborhoods will be a lot safer and a lot better off. more>>

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