Rally at the Courthouse: Housing is a Human Right!

Thank you everyone who was able to come to the Rally in the Rain yesterday!  We had a good crowd of people and we are continuing to build our campaign.  Our presence helped to ensure that the tenants on Hammersley Road will be able to remain until the end of their lease on June 30th, 2011.

Below is some news coverage from the event.  

We will be continuing to build our momentum to put pressure on M&I bank to turn the property on Hammersley Road over to the community, highlight the need for housing to be recognized as a human right, and shift public policies to move towards that goal.

Do you hear outrage over bank foreclosure practices?
Pat Schneider

Madison Group Protests M&I Bank Foreclosure:
Protesters say housing rights are human rights
Channel 3000
WORT: A Public Affair
With Cynthia Lin Airing Our Voices:
 Heidi Mayree Wegleitner from Affordable Housing Action Alliance and A People’s Vision for Affordable Housing on foreclosure impacts locally. Then, Monica Adams from the Land and Housing Action Group of the National Take Back the Land movement on this morning’s action to protest the confirmation of sale of a duplex housing low-income tenants at 6304 Hammersley Road.

Housing is a Human Right! :

Connecting the Dots on M&I Bank

TBTL Hammersley Panorama
Take Back the Land-Madison Action April 8th, 2011

Next Event: Rally at the Courthouse

When: April 26th 2011 8:00 am

Where: Dane County Courthouse

215 S. Hamilton St.

( 8th Floor, Courtroom 8D)

Meet outside on the corner of S. Hamilton and Doty.

Stay Tuned for Future Events.

Thank you to all who helped make the rally on April 8th a success. We had a crowd of 40 people to begin connecting the dots on M&I and demanding that housing be recognized as a human right. See below for coverage of the event.

Formerly homeless community members are renting a property that is being foreclosed on by M&I Bank.  The court date for the confirmation of sale for the foreclosure of the duplex at 6302-6304 Hammersley Rd is on Tuesday, April 26th. Join us for a protest to defend the eventual eviction of the tenants and demand the property be turned over to the Madison Area Community Land Trust, not to M&I Bank.

Article in the Captimes:


Footage of the rally:


More Information: 608-616-9468



 Co-Sponsors: Freedom Inc., Groundwork, PLUS, Family Farm Defenders, Affordable Housing Action Alliance, Liberty Tree, Wisconsin Network for Peace and Justice, Madison Info-Shop, Madison Branch of Solidarity, MGAA Direct Action Committee, Labor/Community Network and People’s Rights Campaign, others pending

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