Rally in the Rain! Protest at Courthouse and March to M&I Bank

Take Back the Land Madison and community partners gathered at the courthouse and marched to M&I Bank to protest the foreclosure of a home by M&I Bank.  Our presence helped to ensure that the tenants of the home on Hammersley Road will be able to remain until the end of their lease on June 30th, 2011.
Take Back the Land Madison will be continuing to build our momentum to put pressure on M&I bank to turn the property on Hammersley Road over to the community, highlight the need for housing to be recognized as a human right, and shift public policies to move towards that goal.
Do you hear outrage over bank foreclosure practices?
Pat Schneider
Madison Group Protests M&I Bank Foreclosure:
Protesters say housing rights are human rights
Channel 3000
WORT: A Public Affair
With Cynthia Lin Airing Our Voices:
 Heidi Mayree Wegleitner from Affordable Housing Action Alliance and A People’s Vision for Affordable Housing on foreclosure impacts locally. Then, Monica Adams from the Land and Housing Action Group of the National Take Back the Land movement on this morning’s action to protest the confirmation of sale of a duplex housing low-income tenants at 6304 Hammersley Road.
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