Media from the anti-poverty tour’s Madison Stop

Travis Smiley and Cornel West visited Madison as part of their coast to coast anti-poverty tour. Take a look at their comments and what the media had to say.

The Press Release

The Capitol Times Article

From the Madison Times 

From Dr. West’s facebook page. “I’ve been so deeply moved by the rich humanity & dignity of my red indigenous brothers/sisters, my Hmong people, my “Take by the Land” people, & the Odyssey Project students all in Wisconsin. We had a magnificent & heart-wrenching 18hr day on the 1st day of The Poverty Tour. Let’s take heart that in the midst of suffering there is hope if we care & work together.”

Dr. Cornel West
 On the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, with the courageous people of the “Take Back the Land” movement. These brothers and sisters have something to say… Check it out

The Poverty Tour – Madison, Wisconsin – “Take Back the Land” | The Poverty Tour 
www.povertytour.smileyandwest. com

Sunday at 11:40am · Like · · Share

Video of event on Hammersley Road


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